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Delve into the unique flavors of Featherstone Brewery, where each batch is brewed with precision on our scenic game farm in Makhanda.

Exceptional IPA

Experience the bold and hoppy notes of our signature IPA, crafted to perfection for those who appreciate a robust flavor profile.

Smooth Lager

Enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of our meticulously brewed lager, perfect for savoring on a sunlit afternoon.

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Featherstone IPA

Our flagship IPA boasts a vibrant blend of hops that delivers a complex, fruity aroma with a crisp, bitter finish.

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Featherstone Lager

A smooth, refreshing lager with a subtle balance of malts and light hops, perfect for any occasion.


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Explore Our Craft Beers

Savannah IPA

A bold, hoppy IPA with hints of citrus and pine, crafted for those who crave adventure in every sip.


Grahamstown Lager

A smooth, golden lager with a refreshing finish, perfect for a hot day under the South African sun.


Elephant Trail Ale

An amber ale with rich malt flavors and a caramel aroma, inspired by the paths of the majestic local wildlife.


Makhanda Stout

A deep, dark stout with espresso and chocolate notes, as mysterious and intriguing as the night skies of Makhanda.


Acacia Wheat Beer

A light, crisp wheat beer with a hint of spice and sweet acacia, perfect for a refreshing moment of relaxation.


Karoo Honey Blonde

A delightful blonde ale brewed with local honey for a subtly sweet flavor that echoes the natural landscapes of the Karoo.


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