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Golden Mole non-alcoholic 0.5%

Golden Mole non-alcoholic 0.5%

Non-Alcoholic beers are not just for survival in lockdown alcohol bans they are tasty alternatives to sugary soft drinks. Brewed using beer malt, hops and yeast they are fully fermented but ultra low in alcohol. They not only have the health benefits of having low...

All about iBhyia – all your questions

All about iBhyia – all your questions

There has been a rapturous reception to iBhiya in the market. What started as a limited edition beer for #SANBeerDay has drawn attentio across the spectrum. I've had many interviews in person, virtually and over an iBhiya or two. There have been so many great...

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We would love you to have the best possible experience when drinking our beer. Here is a short video explaining how best to pour a beer.

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