Draught Beer Setup

by | 3 Jul 2022

We often get queries as to what is required to serve draught at home and how much it costs. If you are not a homebrewer and purchase beer to dispense at home it is not cost effective. There are too many necessary components to assemble, maintain and keep clean and sanitised. Once connected a keg should be consumed within 18 days to maintain freshness and quality. A 30L keg would be at least 3x500ml draughts per day every day for 18 days. A complete 2 Tap system costs around R11k so a sizeable investment. You could however also keep the keg ice cold in a big fridge and pour from a plastic tap but will still require a coupler, CO2 gas cannister as well as a CO2 regulator.

Our portable draught systems are available for events or functions or to purchase and use at home. The standalone unit consists of an ice box, chiller plate, tower, taps, regulator, couplers, pipes connectors and CO2 gas. Contact us for prices but we require a deposit and an order of at least 2 kegs for the 2 line setup and 1 keg for the single line tower. We do not hire out the system to dispense other beers, unfortunately.

The perfect pour of draught beer requires practice as there are many points of adjustment and environmental variance such as the temperature of the beer, carbonation levels, gas pressure, speed of pour as well as the glass itself. If a beer starts to foam during the pour even a practiced bar tender will find it almost impossible to recover – the best way is low foam from the start – keep it steady then topup with foam at the end.

Czech’s were pioneers in draft and their saying sums it up really well “the brewer brews the beer the server makes the beer”

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