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Why cans are better beer packaging than bottles

by | 28 Jun 2020

We have had many queries about using cans as a form of packaging than bottles – here are a few of the reasons why cans are better for you, better for the environment and better for the beer:

1. Better for you:
– Taste and flavour preserved – over 12 months
– Takes less space in the fridge
– Cools down faster
– Robust and free of breakage
– No return bottles
– Lighter to carry and transport
2. Better for environment
– Aluminium cans are Infinitely recyclable
– Reduced carbon footprint from smaller container size and weight
– Most recycled substrate In South Africa over 76% of cans are recycled
3. Better for the beer
– Cans prevent spoilage due to light and oxygen ingress
– Less headspace means less agitation
– Preserves flavour and aroma better than glass or plastic

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