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The Bakery in Kenton-on-Sea would arrange and sponsor trail runs and running events and always supported the local Grahamstown brewery by adding beers to the goodie bags. Mark had the idea of creating a Kenton only beer – a beer brewed exclusively for Kenton. Late in 2021 Kenton Craft Beer was born a collaboration between The Bakery and Featherstone brewery.

We wanted beer that was unique and represented the taste and environment of the sunshine coast. The beers needed to be light in alcohol to be enjoyed cold and refreshing at beach bars and outlets in the sunshine.

The brand design represents the sunshine coast and the beers are named after the two rivers the Kariega and The Boesmans that form the boundaries of Kenton.

Although the beer is available all year round, Featherstone brewery brews by hand in micro batches so ensuring seasonal demand is met can sometimes be challenging but rest assured we are brewing Kentons unique beers a fast as we can but bear in mind good beer takes time.



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