Our latest beer an African Pale Ale – Proudly Local!

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Our online shop has selection of craft beer from Featherstone, RHBC and Entrepid Brewing

Our Hero Beers

Our most popular beers, known as our Hero-Beers, have garnered a loyal following for their exceptional taste and quality. But we don’t stop there. We constantly push the boundaries of brewing, bringing you limited releases like our Cold Mole Cold IPA crisp and refreshing but hoppy as an IPA should be. 

Featherstone Brewery Beer Garden

Featherstone Brewery Beer Garden

Featherstone Brewery is pleased to announce the opening of the Featherstone Beer Garden just off the N2 outside Makhanda. Situated in the country alongside the STAG Sports club on the farm 'kleinplaas'. Although not co-located with the brewery it shares a similar...

Draught Beer Setup

Draught Beer Setup

We often get queries as to what is required to serve draught at home and how much it costs. If you are not a homebrewer and purchase beer to dispense at home it is not cost effective. There are too many necessary components to assemble, maintain and keep clean and...

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