Make My Day!

by | 11 Jun 2019

This Sunday is Youth Day, Father’s Day, and the end of the K-Day week (one of the biggest school sporting events in our sleepy little town). It will also be 11 days until the 11 days of Amazing! National Arts Festival. Lots to celebrate then, and the last chance to enjoy a weekend for ourselves before catering for the tourists, Makhanda! So come on out to the beer garden and enjoy your craft brew and some lekker local music. We’ve managed to make it a day for everyone, as we have a line-up that includes youth and a dad! Awesome a capella group Symphony (if you missed these young ladies at Masicule, now’s your chance to catch a vocal harmony that will knock your socks off), and our favourite dad… I mean solo artist Steve Prevec are on the list. Greg Adenbrooke, local school teacher, musician and all-round good guy, will tie it all together. A huge thank you to Greg for going along with our “we know beer, can you do the music?” vibe, and sorting out the sound equipment for the event. Chicken prego rolls will be on sale, or bring your own picnic. See you Sunday!

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